How to Embrace Life When God Changes Your Plans

How to Embrace Life When God Changes Your Plans

Losing a family member makes you not only appreciate LIFE but appreciate family. Holidays are just around the corner and for some, this time of year brings about lonely, sadness, and depression. These things often arise when dealing with the recent passing of a loved one. I know the feel of grief very well as my dad passed away just over 6 months ago. His passing forced me to quickly accept that life doesn’t always go as planned. So what do you do when it doesn’t?

I arose early one Monday morning because I planned to check out a new rental return/drop-off service near my office. I intentionally took a shorter but more complex route to work because I planned to make this stop. I arrived at the drop-off location just a few minutes before 9 am which meant I had time to make the return and still arrive to work on time. I had it all mapped out and things were working as planned.

I walked inside the building to a long line of women waiting to use the new machine to return their items. I watched as the few women, in the front of the line, began to look perplexed and frustrated; the machine wasn’t working. I waited around about 6 minutes because I knew there was no way the machine could be broken; I didn’t plan for this! I woke up early, took a quicker route to work, arrived a few minutes early and the machine was broken; plans crushed.

As I arrived at my office, I was still fuming inside and frustrated but that’s when The Holy Spirit spoke to me. Life is no different! We plan and we plan and we plan and things still don’t go as we expect. It seemed like everything was going well and then God threw a monkey wrench in the plans. It seemed like you had everything figured out and then something happened to turn your life upside-down. Your family was doing well but now your planning a relative’s funeral. Your relationship was going amazing but now, he doesn’t know if he’s ready for the next step. You just got a promotion, at work, but now the company had to cut your department. What happens when God changes YOUR plans?

Just like I had to come to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t be able to make the return that day, you have to realize that things wont always work out as you’ve planned. You have to make a decision to trust God regardless of what happens. I could’ve stayed frustrated all day but I decided to “let it go”; this is the act of surrendering. I acknowledged that I couldn’t change the situation; I was powerless over it. If you are going through a rough patch, in life, I want you to know that things will get better; they always do. You can’t fight against what is happening; the best thing you can do for yourself is ACCEPT and SURRENDER.

When speaking about life, the old folks say, “come what may”; that means it doesn’t matter what happens, trust in the Lord. You have to put aside your plans; your expectations of how things were supposed to work out and trust God. You don’t know what God is protecting you from or preparing you for. Every time I thought I loss something or was missing out on another thing, God showed me I lacked nothing! He is the only one who can see the unseen dangers that are coming our way. Trust God. So what happens when God changes your plans? You change your perspective. You stop fighting against what is happening and you start acknowledging Romans 8:28 which says: all things are working together for your God.


Sade Solomon is a woman who decided to drop everything she knew and was comfortable with to chase after her dreams. Since having the faith to change careers from social work to fashion, she’s been on this relentless and complex journey to discovering her life’s true purpose. She is the Founder of Conversations Beyond which is a platform that provides inspiration to the everyday woman’s style and soul through a faith & lifestyle blog, web-series, and women’s empowerment meetups/events.



  1. December 8, 2018 / 9:53 pm

    Thanks for sharing. It’s hard to believe that all things are working for your good when in the midst of these “changes to plans”, but we keep trusting that God is good.

    • Sade
      December 9, 2018 / 2:11 am

      Amen sis ! Amen. It’s not easy but like you said we do need to trust God!

  2. December 8, 2018 / 9:54 pm

    …and I’m sorry for the loss of your dad. Wishing you peace and comfort, especially in this season.

    • Sade
      December 9, 2018 / 2:27 am

      Thank you so much girl!

  3. Wilanda
    December 16, 2018 / 7:22 am

    I wish I read this sooner! Thank you for the gentle reminder that God does all things for our good, even when it doesn’t look or taste good to us. It reminds me of my theme for the last half of this year: It is well with my soul.

    • Sade
      December 17, 2018 / 2:56 am

      Amen sis and amen. It is well with my soul!!

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