Purpose PushHer is a one day workshop event created to provide the tools necessary for entrepreneurship to millennial women of color. Purpose PushHer was held on January 2oth in NYC at the Fivver Headquarters. It was a full day of workshops on Branding, Social Media, Content Creation, and Financial Literacy. Attendees left with:

  • Personal and professional development for their current or prospective business/brand
  • A broader knowledge of various business elements such as brand marketing, managing their finances and social media
  • Access to a broader network of professional and creative women

Featured PushHERs:

Roxanne Duquesnay – Founder of The Fly Financial

Laurise Mcmillan –  Social Media Community Manager at Refinery 29 and R29Unbothered

Cheyenne Adler – Brand Marketing Professional at Squarespace

Sadé Council – Digital Brand Marketing Strategist

Christina Akmoea – Blogger at Just Missed The Runway

Tarah-Lynn Saint-Ellen – Blogger at Adorned in Armor and Teen Vogue Fashion Writer