Suite Life: Why You Should Stay at The Lexington Hotel

I’ve always wanted to do a staycation; so when the Lexington Hotel reached out for stay in October, I was much obliged. My staycation ironically fell on the weekend of my birthday, which was a great way to bring in my new year. I packed my little weekend suitcase and was off to 48th street with no expectations.

Arrival at the Lexington Hotel

I walked up to the desk and was greeted by a very pleasant-faced gentleman who asked: “Do you know which room you’re staying in?” I knew that I was staying in one of the suites but I had no idea which one it was (I love a good surprise). He says: “You’re staying in the Norma Jean Suite, where Marilyn Monroe stayed; this is a popular suite in this hotel.” As I looked at the oversized TV monitors behind this gentleman, movies scenes featuring Monroe in her prime played, I knew that he was speaking the truth.

Inside the Norma Jean Suite

Photo Credit: Lexington Hotel

I head upstairs to the 18th floor and straight-ahead is my room, suite 1806 “The Norma Jean Suite”. I walk into the most beautiful foyer; to my left was the living room, which screamed Hollywood Glam and to my right was the King-sized bedroom with walk-in-closet. The most breathtaking part of the suite was the large terrace with New York City views.

In the lobby of the hotel you can grab light bites at the Stayton Room, which is a nod to the Prohibition Era and “Roaring Twenties”.

Around the Lexington Hotel

The city was quite quiet during my stay; I was able to walk around and explore Manhattan from the lens of neighborhood local. We were right in the heart of Midtown so there were tons of local food options, a neighborhood pharmacy, a wine shop, my new favorite chicken spot, and a food hall.

When I arrived home from my staycation, I felt as though I’d been on a retreat. Staycations are my new favorite thing to do and I’m so glad that I got to experience my first one at this beautiful suite in the Lexington Hotel.

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