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Picture | Alina Sepp 

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Picture | Alina Sepp 


Located in the 18th Arrondissement, sits the breathtakingly beautiful town of Montmartre which looks like a page ripped from a romance novel! It’s not only breathtakingly beautiful but isolated and free from crowds of cars and tourists. What I love about this neighborhood is that every corner has a special visual surprise!

Hop on the train to the Caulaincourt station and take some time to roam around. While you’re there, stop by La Maison Rose (2 Rue de l’Abreuvoir, 75018 Paris, France) and Le Consulat (8 Rue Norvins, 75018 Paris, France) to snap the most instagrammable flick!

Tip: get to Le Consulat before opening to capture the perfect picture!

The Eiffel Tower

Who goes to Paris and doesn’t take the time out to visit the Eiffel Tower? Seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time, in Paris, was such an amazing feeling. If you want the best view of the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop, for your Instagram photo,  you need to head to Trocadero Steps. The first level of  The Trocadero Steps will help you to capture the perfect “Eiffel Tower Instagram Photo”.

The Louvre

A former royal palace turned museum, The Louvre, is located on the Right Bank of the Seine in Paris. This notable museum sits between the Tuileries Gardens and the church of Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois.

Tip for taking photos at the Louvre: Walk right across the street from the Louvre to get the perfect view of the museum as a backdrop! If you don’t mind grass on your feet for the image, take your shot (pun intended).

Palais Royal

There’s no great trick for pictures at the Palais Royal but to get there early and avoid loads of tourists in your pictures.

It’s such a great location to take various photo styles! Connected to the Palais Royal is a stunning garden that’ll make for some amazing lifestyle images.

Pont Alexandre III

Picture| Adriana 

The Pont Alexandre III is a bridge that runs as long as the Siene River. The bridge connects the the Champs-Élysées quarter with both the Invalides and the Eiffel Tower. Pont Alexandre is recognized for it’s intricate and complex architecture. Take a trip to the Pont Alexandre III bridge for a mini view of the Eiffel Tower and The Siene!

How to Maximize Your Time

Pubic Transportation in Paris is super easy! Ubers are also great but a more expensive way to travel. If you want to save money, not time; buy an unlimited pass and travel by train. If you want to save time and not money, totally take Ubers; they are convenient.

A unlimited Metro Pass is from about 5.80€ a day which is equivalent to $7. If you purchase a metro pass, be sure to get your photo taken for it (it’s mandatory).

Another way to maximize your time, as a blogger traveling to Paris, is to plan out the exact outfits you want to wear daily! Too many options lead to too much time trying to figure out “what to wear”. Think of the sites you want to visit beforehand and plan out your outfits accordingly! This is something I wish I did.

Well Worth The Wait Restaurants

Good restaurants seem to have long wait times but are totally worth it ! Unlike The States,  Parrisiene restaurant hosts will not give you an average wait because they do not rush their patrons to leave. Paris is laid back when it comes to their dining service. You can expect to be left alone to enjoy your dinner with your friends without your check being placed on your table! This is great when you’re enjoying dinner and conversation but when waiting for a family of 6 to get up after they’vevfinished their meal, not so much!

No one is in a rush in Paris! The number one tip for dining is to make reservations beforehand.

Waly Fay | 6 Rue Godefroy Cavaignac, 75011 Paris, France

A Slightly Gentrified African Cuisine Experience With Top Class Service!

The bartender/host was super accommodating as we waited for a table! He offered us free drinks and appetizers. The wait was super long and although we wanted to leave, the aroma from the dishes and the taste of the bissap juice sucked us in!

What to order – The Yassa Rice with Plantains and Bissap Juice ( Hibiscus ).

O’maki Paris | 65 Rue Letort, 75018 Paris, France

An Authentic African Cuisine Experience! 

Picture| Afro Mango & Co.

Ask for Margi and tell him Sade from NYC sent you! The food and drinks at O’maki were mouth-wateringly delicious! So delicious I made up a word for it! I tried Jollof Rice for the first time at O’maki Paris and I don’t regret it! The salmon dish is also pretty splendid if you are in the mood for seafood! The bissap juice, has a splash of pineapple juice and ginger which gives it a unique and delightful flavor.

What to order – The Yassa Rice with Jollof Rice and Bissap Juice or Salmon with Jollof Rice and Ginger Juice.

The Hardware Société Paris | 10 Rue Lamarck, 75018 Paris, France 

A Unique Brunch Experience 

As a fashion girl, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the leather aprons that the servers were wearing! But let’s get to the food which was not only appealing to the eye but pleasant to the tummy. Tucked in a corner in Montremarte is this quaint sunlit restaurant which has both vegan and gluten-free options; I went for neither.

What to order – Tea in a Pot for 2, fried brioche with seasonal toppings, pork belly and fried eggs, and/or scrambled eggs.

Shopping on A Budget 

Here are two things you need to know about shopping in Paris:

1) Designer handbags are less expensive than in The States because of VAT taxes

2) Leather and furs are as cheap as 50 Euro; so save space in your luggage

Here are three shops I came upon that were a dream to a budget shopper like myself:

Kilo Shop | 39 Boulevard Saint-Michel, 75005 Paris, France

A great place to find unique finds in Paris. Shop here for inexpensive furs, Parisian style furry sweaters, great leather pants/skirts, and berets, trench coats. The cool thing about this shop is you pay by the kilo; it’s like a supermarket-way to shop! Tip: the fitting room is super small so try to dress light!

Momo Le Moins Cher |11 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris, France

A cute thrift shop ran by a sweet Arab man who dislikes Trump as much as I do. This shop is a great place to find cheap leather gloves priced at 5 and 10 euro, fur coats, leather pants priced at 20 euro, jean jackets, corduroy blazers, fur hats, and unique suede/leather capri pants.

Marche Noir | follow their IG page for pop up locations

They are going to open a shop very soon! Marche Noir was named the best vintage store in Paris by Vogue, and I can totally see why. The creatives at Marche Noir have an eye for unique pieces of great value. Visit their pop up if you are looking for great leather handbags and overcoats.  They also have their own line of unique traditional African outfits in amazing fabrics and prints. The $50 cotton robes are amazing and I totally regret not getting one!

Photographers to Collaborate With

All of my photoshoots were coordinated by my lovely local tour guide Maya from LavieLocale!

Adriana was a dream to work with! She’s looking to delve into fashion photography and may be willing to collaborate! She has great editing skills but if you edit your own photos, you would need to discuss this with her up front! Here’s a shot:

Alina Sepp is also another amazing, sweet, and pleasant photographer to work with! She had a quick turnaround for images and did really great editing! Here are a few of her shots:

Fashion Week Tips For Bloggers 

Make friends with photographers if you want to find out all the addresses for shows, as they are not listed online. Fashion shows in Paris can be very spread out and in random locations! If you can’t get into shows using, my tips, try getting captured for street-style. This simply means: hang outside fashion shows and walk around; photographers will ask to take your photos. Once your picture is taken, be sure to ask the photographer for their contact information (I forgot this !)

Bonus Places To Visit

Dinner at Pink Mamma

Drinks at lecomptoirgeneral

Explore Versailles

Breakfast at Cafe Angelina

Macarons at Laduree

Party at Silencio

Brunch at HollyBelly 5



Sade Solomon is a woman who decided to drop everything she knew and was comfortable with to chase after her dreams. Since having the faith to change careers from social work to fashion, she’s been on this relentless and complex journey to discovering her life’s true purpose. She is the Founder of Conversations Beyond which is a platform that provides inspiration to the everyday woman’s style and soul through a faith & lifestyle blog, web-series, and women’s empowerment meetups/events.



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