The Ultimate Blogger’s Guide to: Prague and Vienna

One of my life’s goals is to travel to all the beautiful places in the world. There is something so charming about the sights and feel of old town cities; cities that have been generally untouched.


As a solo-traveler, safety is of utmost importance to me and I find that old cities such as: Prague, Quebec City, and Cartagena (all places I’ve visited) are known to be safe. Also, do you research before you go ! Find out what cities are safe or what crimes they’re known for so you can be aware. For instance, pickpocketing is huge in some cities; so it would be important to be more cautious about your personal belongings. If you’re still a bit on edge about traveling alone, use social media to connect with people in there before you go. Consider connecting with a local tour guide.


Currency in Prague 1 USD = about 22 CHZ

Currency in Vienna 1 USD = .86 EURO

Average Meal in Prague: Entree + 2 Drinks ($11)

Average Meal in Vienna: Entree + 2 Drinks ($20)

Tip: Your money goes a longer way in Prague than in Vienna. Speaking of money, when you get to a new country; your first thought is usually: “How do I convert my money?”

Here are two things you should know:

Tip 1: Don’t convert your money at the airport – locals say you won’t get the best rate.
Tip 2: Compare prices at various exchange places. For instance, one exchange shop wanted to give me 500 CHZ less than another shop that was just outside the center of the city. Do research and save your coins.


If you follow me on Instagram and had a chance to watch my instastories you would’ve seen that traveling in Prague was VERY difficult for me! The signs aren’t too clear and there aren’t many English translations. However, I thank God for getting lost one day because I made three new friends!

I would recommend visiting Vienna first. Their transit system is very, very. easy to navigate. In Vienna, most of the signs are easy to read. By my second trip, on the Viennese tram, I was a pro. Tram U1 and U2 are the two trams in the center of Vienna that you will most likely use to get around.

After getting back to Prague, from Vienna, it seemed a bit more easy to navigate Prague but I still had to ask for directions!

Image result for vienna subway images

Ticket Prices:

One way ticket in Prague cost: 32 CZK

One way ticket in Vienna cost: 2.40 EURO

*buy an unlimited day – week pass if you will be in either city for an extended amount of time!

Places to Shoot in Prague

Secret Garden- PRAGUE

This little nook is tucked away on one the most picturesque streets I saw in Prague. Not only is it a great place to shoot but the food was amazing! Try the egg and bacon sandwich. If I begin to describe it, my mouth will water.

Míšeňská Street

I’ll let the picture do the talking! Oh and I knew l found a great location when a photographer showed up with his engagement picture clients! This is the street right outside The Secret Garden.

Image result for image of charles bridge

Charles Bridge

Named after King Charles IV, this bridge stretches across the Vltava river in Prague. The Charles Bridge is beautifully constructed, has a great view of Prague, and over 30 baroque style statues making it a popular tourist destination. At one point, I promise, there were about 300 people crowded on the bridge; my advice is to get there early (between 6-9am)!


There are far too many cute cafes in Prague. Here is another one for great photos if you are on your way to the Prague Castle.

Image result for prague castle

Prague Castle

Another very popular tourist destination is the Prague Castle. The Castle dates all the way back to the 9th century making it the Guinness World Book Record holder for largest ancient castle in the world! For my photo-takers, get there early or veer off to one of the streets to get the perfect shot!

Image result for petite france prague

Petite France Bakery and Confectionery

I missed out on taking a photo at this cute bakeshop. If you are in the area, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to snap a shot in from of Petite France Bakery, the shot will give you total Parisian vibes! I’d say go for it !

Art Master Gallery

Here you will find an amazing alley way with beautiful vine covered walls.

Lehká Hlava Alley

There are so many beautiful alleys to get lost down and capture the best shot. Here’s one I found whose color story matched by outfit perfectly!

Places to shoot in Vienna


I don’t know about you but I just love, love, love amusement park shoots. There’s something cool about the juxtaposition of fashion and fun. Here’s a shoot I did at Prater Park in Vienna. What I loved most about this location was that it was pretty empty ( I went at 2pm on a Tuesday ). 

Image result for daniel cafe vienna

Daniel Cafe

This Urban Garden Cafe is absolutely spectacular. I didn’t get a shot here because I wanted to get to the Belvedere Museum before it opened (lucky I did) but I did have a cup of coffee and a bagel. The Daniel Cafe is located at the Daniel Hotel. Just a word of warning,because Yelp didn’t say this, the cafe opens at 6:30 to a free buffet for hotel guests. If you are not a guest, the buffet costs 20 Euro. A la carte services starts at 10:00 am

Belvedere Garden


Belvedere Museum

Guys, I nearly cried while walking through the garden of this museum. The landscape made me realize how much I longgggggg to leave the skyscrapers, dirty trains, rats, and garbage ALONE. Anywho, this was perhaps the most beautiful thing my eyes have seen; just spectacular. I arrived at 8:50am to a few people relaxing on benches and some morning joggers, by 9 am (on the dot) the place was flooded with tourists.

crowd running GIF by South Park

Bein Belvedere Cafe

Such a cute and quaint place to take a shot. If I had a photographer with me, I would for sure have taken a photo here. Even with my 24mm lens, I wouldn’t have captured the shot I wanted! Go there, take a picture and tag me. 

Image result for colorful building in vienna

Mommsengasse and B221 Corner

This is a perfect location to do a complete color story! I would’ve but I didn’t have the right color outfit on that day. Look how perfect this is!

Places to eat

Related image

Modrý Zub

Eat amazing noodle dishes at the Modry Zub

Image result for james dean bar

James Dean

Grab a drink at this 60s inspired Bar/club

Related image

Groove bar

Do you like house music? Get your 3-4 step on at this 3 level bar ( 3-4 because I don’t think you can do the 1-2 step to house music).

Kafe Damu

Such a cute location for coffee , little bites, and wine! This can also double as a working space if you need to catch up on some blog posts while on vacation. It’s open late.

Related image

Balthasar Coffee Bar

Grab a Chai Tea Lattle in a glass cup from Balthasar Coffee Bar. Tip: This is a cash only coffee shop; bring your euros. Don’t be that girl, or guy; like me, who showed up without any Euros. People are really trusting in Vienna and Prague, the barista let me finish my drink before grabbing cash from the ATM. In NYC, they would’ve thrown the drink away before allowing you to drink without paying.

Related image

Gerstner K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker

Get Fancy at Gerstner’s. I had to take a bite to eat at this fancy restaurant. The prices were surprisingly reasonable. I got three mini sandwiches, two mimosas, and a slice of cake for 22 Euro.

Image result for den noc prague

Den Noc breakfast

Have pancakes in Europe! Tip: Expect a 20-30 min wait

Related image


This popular tourist destination is Vienna’s biggest market for food, spices + more. Grab anything from purple curry spice to a bowl of seafood soup!
Image result for a maze in tchaiovna

A Maze in Tchaiovna

Warm up with a cup of Strawberry Chai at A Maze In. This cute tea room is known, not only for it’s great tea selections but weekly events and workshops.

Our butcher´s hamburger

Nase Maso

Grab a steak sandwich cut from the finest beefs here at Nase Maso. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Where I stayed in Vienna and Prague

In Vienna, I stayed at Wendelin’s apartment located right in the center of the city. I specifically chose this location because of the decor, it doubled as a great place to shoot content. Take a look:

In Prague, I stayed at a newer hotel called Mood Charles Bridge. This hotel was ideal as it was near the Charles Bridge in the city’s center. I would recommend this hotel if you are visiting Prague. The accommodations were great, therevwas free breakfast, and they have a gym on-site.

Image result for charles mood bridge hotel

Image result for charles mood hotel

Thank you for reading. I hope this guide is helpful and I hope you book a trip to any of these beautiful countries soon!

If you are a hotel/restaurant, and you would like to be included in a city guide, please contact me at

xx Sade


Sade Solomon is a woman who decided to drop everything she knew and was comfortable with to chase after her dreams. Since having the faith to change careers from social work to fashion, she’s been on this relentless and complex journey to discovering her life’s true purpose. She is the Founder of Conversations Beyond which is a platform that provides inspiration to the everyday woman’s style and soul through a faith & lifestyle blog, web-series, and women’s empowerment meetups/events.



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