What to Do When You’re Running On Empty


When I say this is how I’ve been feeling for the past few days, trust me I mean it. I was reminded the other day that we cannot pour out from an empty cup. As simple as that sounds, it’s often a difficult task to put into action. Sometimes doing the right thing gets draining – always helping, always encouraging, and always being the bigger person. It often feels like it would be easier to just throw in the towel. This is what the enemy wants; he wants us to give up! I don’t know about you but I’ve come way too far to just throw in the towel. Everywhere I turn, I am reminded that I have purpose. e have places to go, books to write, conferences to host, people to help, businesses to start; we not only have our lives ahead of us but we have God’s promises to stand on.

Encourage yourself that regardless of where you are today; God has the power and the purpose to propel you forward. Here are three things you should do when running on empty:


Yes, as obvious as this is, we still don’t do it as often as we should. How has figuring it out on your own been? How far have you gotten with that? For me, not far! The truth is, I don’t have all the answers. Guess who does? You thought correctly, God! This is why prayer is an essential facet of every Christian’s life. Prayer keeps us connected to God. It empowers us to move forward. It helps us to keep the faith. Prayer answers some of life’s problems. Prayer is letting God know you are incapable of doing life on your own. Prayer is acknowledging that God has the power to step into your life’s problems and either fix it or help you deal with it. Prayer releases confusion about life, your purpose, and your circumstances. Prayer gives you direction on which way to go and which road to take. Prayer heals. It encourages. It inspires. It gives hope. Prayer is your ultimate connection to your source.

Dedicate more than just a few minutes to God in prayer daily. Seek His face on the things that have you bound, made you feel hurt, rejected, confused, and hopeless. Use prayer as an altar to lay your burdens at God’s feet. Release it to Him and give your issues an expiration date! Will you join me in making prayer a more essential part of your daily walk with God?

             “…Prayer is an essential facet of every Christian’s life.”


Fasting is a sacrifice we make to get closer to God. Fasting can be anything from turning down your plate, giving up social media, or turning off the TV. It’s a way to show God that you’re serious about the thing you are praying for so much that you are willing to give up something for it.  Fasting puts your flesh under subjection. It helps you to shift your focus. Eating is “my thing” so whenever I fast, I usually give up food. Every time I feel hunger, I pray and seek God. This type of fasting helps me to focus more on prayer. I believe that supernatural things occur when we fast. Fasting opens our minds, hearts, and ears more to hear God clearer.

When you fast, you kill your flesh (deny self-desires). I believe you are also killing things associated with your flesh. You’re killing doubt, fear, confusion, anxiety, lust, envy, and hopelessness to name a few. Scripture says: So He said to them, “This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” This was God’s way of stressing the importance of fasting as an integral part of a Christian’s life. Will you join me in making fasting a more essential part of your daily life?

Take Time Off of Social Media: Kill Comparison

This can be a form of fasting too but I wanted to spend some more time with this specifically. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in a great mood, feeling good with where I am in life (although things aren’t ideal), feeling encouraged and I hop on social media and things change. You can agree you’ve been there before too, admit it; it’s just you and I here. What about social media causes us to feel this way? Is it the fallacy of everyone living perfect lives and the filtered sense of reality? We compare where we are with everyone else. If we didn’t have social media would we subconsciously feel the urge to live up to some standard? Would we often feel we are behind in life? Would we feel like things aren’t working out fast enough for us? Maybe so but it wouldn’t nearly be as much.

The desire to want someone else’s life or their luxuries is called coveting; which God strongly warns us about in His word. He’s not just saying this to be mean but He’s warning us because He knows the implications are: jealously, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, depression, resentment, regret, guilt and shame. He knows that desiring to have what someone else has is only going to make us feel worthless and stray us from our purpose. You can’t do what the next girl is doing and what you’re purposed to do at the same time. As much as I want a husband and children, I realized that is not God’s plans for me right now. Would I have been able to just pick up my bags and take a random trip to Israel if that were the case? Probably not! I would have a whole family to be concerned about.

The problem with comparison is that sometimes we may fall into the trap of actually acting on the feelings induced by comparison. Like getting in a random worthless relationship because everyone has a man. Not going to do it! Comparison is the biggest killer of your dreams sis. Will you join me in focusing less on what the next person on social media has and focus more on your goals, your dreams, your purpose, and your passion?

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We all get to this point where we feel empty, spiritually drained, and run down. We have a responsibility to ourselves to get back on the right track. These three things have been tested and proven as methods to revive my spirit at low points in life. I’m not sure what you’re experiencing but you clicked this link for a reason. I pray that if you add these three things to your daily walk, you will feel the renewal you desire. 

Please share your thoughts below! 


Sade Solomon is a woman who decided to drop everything she knew and was comfortable with to chase after her dreams. Since having the faith to change careers from social work to fashion, she’s been on this relentless and complex journey to discovering her life’s true purpose. She is the Founder of Conversations Beyond which is a platform that provides inspiration to the everyday woman’s style and soul through a faith & lifestyle blog, web-series, and women’s empowerment meetups/events.



  1. Mary
    January 30, 2018 / 10:18 am

    Hey! Insomnia again. But I don’t like to waste time.
    SO, I was looking for a pic for a post I am putting on my facebook page and your pic caugh my attention. I wondered if it was an actual person and It is!
    Praise the Lord! I concur with your article and plan to visit your blog more often.

    Have a Blessed, Productive and Prosperous day!

    • Sade
      February 1, 2018 / 11:04 pm

      Yes, I am a real person lol! Have a great week!

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